Alumni network

A network of high-achieving young professionals

> 90%

Percentage of CMBP alumni finding a job within three months since graduation
The TOChina Alumni network was established in October 2013 as a community of graduates from the CMBP. A vibrant group of young professionals and entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds, the TOChina Alumni are steadily developing their careers internationally in a variety of sectors, ranging from ICT to finance, from food & beverage to business consultancy, quality control, high-end retail, and project management.

The TOChina Alumni network promotes alumni visibility in high-value segments of the job market, both in China and across Europe. Informally, if functions as a channel for exchanging valuable information and early warning among members, constantly on the look-out for opportunities around the globe.
CMBP graduates are entitled to access all ESCP Career Services offered at the Turin Campus, including career fairs and relevant networking opportunities.



TOChina Alumni Coordinator
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It’s hard to overestimate the impact of the Alumni network: many of us have kick-started or switched our careers thanks to job offers and timely advice circulated by other Alumni. Then you have Alumni events, which are not just useful but also good fun. I really look forward to welcoming CMBP graduates in our community!                 


CMBP 2018
Events and Administration Coordinator
China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, BEIJING
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CMBP 2019
Global Partnership Manager
Amilon, Milano
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CMBP 2017
PhD Candidate
Polytechnic University, TORINO
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CMBP 2013
Strategy Consultant
Strategy& - PwC, Milan
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CMBP 2020
Data Analyst
SGR Compliance, LUGANO
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CMBP 2020
Associate Manager, Business Development & Technology Cooperation
Sheng Enterprises, TEL AVIV
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CMBP was the best way to conclude 3 years of East-Asian Studies and Business Management. In 4 weeks, everything I have learned in the university (and behind) was shaped into practical experience and knowledge. Thanks to CMBP, I used the skills and knowledge I've gained and found a related job in the field.       
CMPB has been the start of a journey for me. Right after the end of the program, I had the opportunity of applying what I studied by becoming a business development manager at a Chinese-Italian company. I also learned the basics of trading in the finance module of CMBP and had repaid my study fees entirely through capital gain a couple of months later.      
Right after graduating in international studies, I started a career at the European R&D Center of China’s fourth largest automaker. The CMBP was key in approaching the world of business and start building a strong network. This learning experience turned out to be a powerful tool that opened up unexpected career possibilities.        
CMBP has been for me the perfect link between my academic career and the start of my professional life. A program of learning and networking, while discovering China.  
The program was great to reset my priorities and focus: it gave me a once-in-a-lifetime crash learning experience to kick-start my career.       
CMBP is not just a cornerstone in my training: I even got my very first job in banking through a call circulated within the TOChina Alumni network.   
The TOChina Alumni network